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This has been a crazy busy year! My busiest yet with jam packed classes but last week i started to notice less people in my classes as many clients are now off holidaying and having some well deserved fun in the sun with their families!! I'm hearing clients talking about the days out they've had with families on sunny weekends and summer drinks in the garden with friends.

This got me thinking about how you can stay healthy throughout the Summer - no doubt you've already been to BBQ's or days out at the beach already this year but with still a few weeks of the School Summer holidays to go and (hopefully) more sunny days ahead, it's easy to let your fitness routine slip. I know that I really struggle to fit in a 'proper' workout when the kids are off so I keep a skipping rope, resistance band and some dumbbells at home and try to grab just 20 mins a day to do something - ANYTHING - that will keep my fitness level from dropping too much.

SO, here are 5 great tips to help you to stay fit and healthy over the Summer, no matter how busy you are:

1. HYDRATE - I recommend drinking 2 litres of water each day to help your body to perform at it highest level. It's easy to forget to drink water so make sure you stick a bottle or 2 in your back pack on days out. Water helps to regulate your body temperature so is essential if you are lucky enough to be holidaying abroad :-)

2. EAT BREAKFAST - If you have a day out planned with the family, make sure you have a healthy, high protein breakfast before you leave to keep you fuller for longer. You'll be less likely to snack on 'less healthy' choices mid morning if you do this. Try having some eggs with a fruit salad afterwards. Then you also know that if you do cave in to the doughnut stand at the theme park, you've at least had a good, nutritious start to the day!

3. STAY ACTIVE - Don't slog your guts out all year to look and feel good then do nothing for 2 or 3 weeks, you'll feel terrible for it and you'll feel really unfit when you get back to your fitness regime. Your body craves routine, if you usually work out 3 times a week then try to maintain that on holiday.

- If it's hot then try swimming - Swimming is a great cardio workout and is a whole body strength workout.

- If you are off with the kids, get them on their bikes and run along next to them. Make the most of the good weather and go to your local tennis courts with the family - no rules needed, just have fun playing with the kids and you'll burn a ton of calories and work up a sweat.

- Take the kids on a woodland walk - pack a picnic and trek through the woods for a few hours.

- Do you have a FITBIT or something similar? Aim to get your steps in every day! No excuses. Even on holiday, take a stroll along the beach and you'll rack up a few thousand steps easily. If you are abroad and it's really hot, do short bursts of exercise. Short walks followed by some rest in the shade with a drink of water and do this 2 or 3 times each day.

- Do some gardening, take longer dog walks....... you get the picture. Stay active!!!

4. MAKE GOOD FOOD CHOICES - It's so tempting to fall face first into the buffet if you are all inclusive. Don't deprive yourself of anything, just choose when it's worth it. Breakfast isn't dessert. You don't need croissants and pastries every day for breakfast. Start the day making healthy choices, if it falls by the weigh side later then at least you've had a good start. If you're having pasta, then don't have bread with it. Hit the salad bar hard. Don't have dessert everyday - you wouldn't usually so why now. Try drinking gin and tonic/vodka and tonic for your main drinks - don't drink cocktails all day as they're loaded with sugar.

5. SLEEP - We are all completely sleep deprived. Lack of sleep leads to depression, high blood pressure and heart disease. Use your holidays wisely - don't set the alarm and let yourself wake up naturally (unless you have babies/toddlers, then that's not gonna happen, sorry!!) but get a nap in during the day. If you have family and friends away with you ask them to watch the kids for you for an hour in the afternoon so you can recharge your batteries.

MOST IMPORTANTLY - enjoy your holiday whether it's at home having days out here and there or sunning yourself abroad. You work hard so have fun, stay safe and BE HEALTHY.

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