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I have been teaching Bootcamp classes for about 6 years now and when new people swing by to try it out I often get a surprised "Wow, I really liked that!"

I've come to realise that the name 'Bootcamp' scares people but actually (in my opinion) they are without a doubt the best classes you can get to. I teach many classes but none of which cover as many aspects of fitness that a Bootcamp class does.

A Bootcamp class will cover all elements of fitness; Strength, Power, Agility, Endurance, Speed, Plyometric Training, Functional Training, Bodyweight Training, Cardiovascular get the picture. It's an all rounder.

If you are short of time and want to train all areas of your body and all elements of fitness then a Bootcamp is the class for you. You will find yourself running, boxing, skipping, performing agility work on floor ladders, playing team games (which always result in much laughter). You could be crawling around a field on your hands and knees one minute then leap frogging over someones back the next.

This kind of training is great for burning fat as you will find yourself doing a mix of high intensity activities alternated with lighter activities.

Bootcamp is a very social activity to take part in as you will often find yourself being paired up or put into teams and you can work at your own pace within your team. Working in a team is perfect as your strength is someone else's weakness and vice versa. The idea of team work is that you can all work towards a goal together :-)

If you're bored of the gym and can find a Bootcamp class in your area then give it a go. You should leave feeling exhausted but happy, exhilarated, proud, sweaty, positive, motivated, energised and inspired.

Top Tips for beginners;

1. Take advantage of the modifications given - Don't try to keep up with the person next to you who has been going to Bootcamp for 5 years. Take the easier option given to you if you need it.

2. Take your time - Don't rush through the exercises. You're better to do each exercise properly than to be first finished

3. Don't leave early - you will need to stretch with the instructor at the end of class to prevent muscle soreness.

4. Tell your instructor if you have any injuries or ailments (although any good instructor will ask you before you get the chance to tell them!)

5. Be prepared - call the instructor or drop them an email to find out if the class is indoors/outdoors and what you will need to bring.

6. Fuel your body - eat something light about 90mins before your class so that you have enough energy to get through it. Take water to just sip throughout the session then drink a pint of water as soon as you finish

7. Just go with it!! - Have fun, shout encouragement to your team mates, don't feel silly if you have to pair up with a stranger, laugh if you make a mistake and don't be shy.

8. Know that it gets better - the fitter you become, the more you'll enjoy it, the more effort you can put into it and the better your results will be.

Live in North Tyneside? Come along to one of My Bootcamp sessions at Whitley Bay Young Peoples Centre:

Tuesdays 6-7am and 6.30-7.30pm

Fridays 6-7am


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