On this page you will find some basic recipes for base sauces, stocks, gravies and spice mixes that are essential for cooking from scratch. If you batch bake and freeze up these base recipes it will make some of the recipes on the other pages much easier.

Spice Mixes

Here are a few of my favourite spice blends. Using these will mean that if you want to whip up some fajitas, some cajun chciken or an italian meal then you don't need buy a packet or ready made 'spice mix' which are usually loaded with preservatives, addititives and colourings. I recommend making some of these spice mixes up and keeping them in a labelled jar so you can grab them easily when you need them. You'll have your favourite meals made in munutes with these kept handy


If there's one thing you should make from scratch, let it be stock. Stock cubes and bouliions can be very high in salt but are called for in many recipes and its so easy to make stock with left over vegetables, meat and fish bones. Give it a try......


If you start making your own gravy you'll realise just how bland powdered gravies are. Homemade gravy is much tastier.

Powdered gravies also contain presevatives and colourings. Making your own gravy can seem like a bit of a task at first but becomes easiser each time you make it. 

Base Curry Sauce

I use this base curry sauce in lots of my curry recipes. Freeze it into 500ml portions and it will add depth to any curry that you make. It is just a base - you will need to add other ingredients to it to turn it into the curry to wish to make. You can find curries that I use this for on the recipes pages

Basic Tomato Sauce

You can use this as a base to add to so many dishes such as bolognaise, chillies, meatballs and stews. Make this and freeze it into portions so the next time you want to whip up a bolognaise you wont be tempted to buy a jar of ready made tomato sauce. I

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