Gorgeous Glutes Plan

So, you want a firmer, rounder, more toned bottom? Then following this plan will help you to achieve just that!















What’s Involved?

You will need to follow along with my home videos 4 days each week for 6 weeks to get the greatest results but you will see noticeable changes in just 4 weeks!  These videos are approx 20 mins long and you will ideally need some dumbbells – although these are not essential, you will get much better results if using them.

You should aim to eat a high protein diet while on this plan to help you to build muscle and help your muscles to heal after your workouts. This is simple; either drink a protein shake or add more eggs, lean meat, poultry , seafood, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, beans and lentils into your every day eating plan.

What do I Get for my Money?

Other than a nicely toned bottom at the end of this plan you will also receive;

  • A printable workout sheet that you can mark off after each workout.

  • A warm up video

  • A post workout stretch video

  • 4 x Workout videos to be done throughout the week. These should be done on Day 1, Day, 3, Day 5 and Day 7 each week. (eg You could workout on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)

  • A manual to help you to understand the importance of training your glutes

  • My help! I’m only a phone call or email away if you need any help while following this plan.

What Others Say……………

"For me this was so much more than just a glute workout. My fitness levels are much higher. I feel like most of my body has changed shape. I am actually looking forward to wearing my bikini in a couple of weeks…I can’t believe I’m saying that"

"The exercises were enjoyable and easy to follow. I have not only toned my bottom but my abs and hips are more toned too"

"My bottom is very noticeably ‘higher’ but it also feels so much stronger as does my back and my abs have never looked better!"

"There wasn’t anything I didn’t enjoy about this plan. It was easy to follow and  I managed to do the workouts at home with my baby beside me. My Butt has definitely toned up and my back is much stronger now too"

"Wow! I really felt the burn in my glutes but this eased and the exercises felt more comfortable after the second week. My thighs, bum and tummy are all more toned and I feel much fitter in general ”


This Gorgeous Glutes Plan costs only £25

email info@jobondfitness.com or call Jo on 07919254271 to purchase the Gorgeous Glutes Plan

Jo Bond, Decote Fitness 2016

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