Our fitness classes are all based in and around North Tyneside. If you live in the area, come along and join us!


You can find out what we teach, when and where our sessions take place and how much they cost by clicking HERE . All classes can be paid for on a Pay As You Go basis or you can take out a membership which gives you access to much more.


Want to train online in your own home?

Thinking about becoming a member? You can have access to the following;

  • Workout videos - Categories include Upper Body, Full Body, Lower Body, Core and Abs, Hula Hoop workouts, Zumba Workouts, 6 Week Gorgeous Glutes Workout and more. A minimum of 4 new workouts are added each month.

  • Healthy Recipes – Categories include; Main Meals for Meat Eaters, Main Meals for Vegetarians, Side Dishes, dips and snacks, Healthy Sweet Treats, Smoothies/Juices and more. A minimum of 4 new recipes are added each month.

  • Fitness testing videos and printable fitness progress charts

  • Weight loss and measurement tracking printables

  • A printable food diary – an essential tool for anyone wanting to lose weight or track an intolerance.

  • Money off our online Detox plans, Transformation Challenges and any other nutritional or fitness plan we run.

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