You’re just one workout away from a GREAT mood!

From this page you can find a number of short workouts that you can do at home. For ease, they have been put into categories. I have lots of equipment free workouts but it is always a good idea when working out at home to invest in some basic equipment such as a resistance band and some dumbbells. These are cheap and take up minimal space in your home. However, If you don’t have any equipment but still like the look of the workouts which use kettlebells or dumbbells then make use of some water bottles, a heavy book or some tins from the cupboard and use these in the same way. If you don’t have a step then use the bottom step of your stairs. Adapt the workouts to match what equipment you have at home.

All of the workouts are short so that you can mix and match them. For example; Choose a warm up, one of the upper body workouts, lower body workouts then finish with some core work. Maybe you only have time for a very short workout? Then you should pick one of my full body workouts or interval workouts. Please make time to warm up before a workout and stretch out afterwards – this will decrease your chances of injury and increase your flexibility.

EXERCISE DISCLAIMER – Unlike training with an instructor who is watching over you, you will be training on your own at home. You must accept all responsibility for any injuries which may occur when following my online video workouts.  The information offered in the videos is intended for people in good health. Anyone with medical problems of any nature should seek medical advice before starting any diet or exercise programme. Even if you have no known health problems, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before making any major changes to your lifestyle. 

The advice I give is based on years of practical application, dealing with my own health as well as the needs of Personal Training clients. Any recommendations I make to you must be discussed between you and your doctor. I recommend that anyone who starts a new exercise plan checks with their GP.

You take sole responsibility for any injuries that may occur while following the videos.


ALWAYS do a warm up, cool down and a post workout stretch. I have a number of warm up and cool down videos for you so please follow them. 

NEVER continue with an exercise if it feels wrong to you.

PUSH YOURSELF to an acceptable level. You want to work hard but listen to your body. Stop when you feel you have had enough then cool down and stretch.

TAKE SIPS of water during your workout then drink a full glass of water when you finish.

SET REALISTIC GOALS. Don’t work out every single day if you cannot maintain this. You are setting yourself up to fail. Start with 2-3 workouts per week and stick with that until you feel ready to add more.

HAVE REST DAYS – these are critical for your muscles to heal.

BE PATIENT – don’t expect immediate results. Hang in there and you’ll see solid results and when you do you’ll be given the best inspiration there is.


Nothing feels as good as beating your targets or losing that last couple of pounds you’ve been hanging on to. Chart your progress. Take photos and measurements of yourself at the start. You can download and print off my weight and measurements tracker sheet on the PRINTABLES page. Take them again every 3 weeks. 


Take fitness tests. I have a couple of fitness tests on video and you can print off a test sheet on the PRINTABLES page to track your progress.

Use a food diary – There are MANY benefits to using a food diary. Go to the PRINTABLES page to find out more and to print off a food diary that you can use.

Remember that weight loss/weight maintenance is 80% diet. You must be following a healthy eating plan alongside your workouts to achieve the best possible results.

Jo Bond, Decote Fitness 2016

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