7 Day Bootcamp and Detox Plan

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Want to lose some weight and improve your fitness? Lost your motivation and need some support? Are you in a workout rut, doing the same exercises day in, day out? Then this 7 day combined  Bootcamp and Detox is your solution.

Sign up and you'll receive a 7 day food guide and access to 7 early morning bootcamp sessions that combine strength, endurance, agility and cardio training. You won't have time to get bored as you'll be doing Circuit Training, Tabata, Boxing, Kettlebell Workouts and H.I.I.T Sessions over the course of the week. 

The food plan is simple, easy to follow and very effective. The workouts are varied and fun. Put these two together and the benefits are HUGE!

Get in touch to find out when the next 7 Day Bootcamp begins!

There are only 15 places available so if you'd like more info or to book a place contact info@jobondfitness.com or call me on 07919254271

Jo Bond, Decote Fitness 2016

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