Jo Bond’s 12 Day Detox 

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Jo Bond has made available to you an amazing online Detox programme which will flush out your system of all processed food and have you feeling vibrant, healthier and more energetic than ever before.  This entire Detox is done from your own home. No need to attend meetings or weigh ins. Everything is emailed to you so you can follow along at home.

The average weight lost during this 12 Day Detox is 9lbs but more importantly you will:

  • Feel less bloated                                         

  • Feel more energetic

  • Notice your skin is clearer, your hair is shinier and you will have healthier looking nails

  • Notice an increase in the quality of sleep you have and start waking up feeling fresh and alert before your alarm has even rang!

  • Become less stressed and have a general feeling of calm

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Increase your circulation

Jo will guide you through this 12 Day Detox which is all online based and you will receive

  • Daily emails to help motivate you.

  • The most up to date nutritional information to help you lose weight and become a healthier you

  • ‘Clean’ Recipes to help you along

  • Home workouts

  • Access into our private Facebook support page where you will be able to swap recipes and talk to other Detoxers.

Jo runs the Detox with a group of around 20 people so although you are doing it from your own home, there will be another 19 people taking part in this at the same time and experiencing what you are going through which is why the private Facebook page is a great help.

This is tough – You may suffer headaches, moodiness and tiredness in the first few days but after that you will start to see and feel the benefits of your hard work.

Jo is trained in nutrition and developed the programme herself. It is safe and effective and has been tried and tested and updated hundreds of times over the past 8 years. This Detox has a 100% success rate so far and Jo always receives wonderful emails from people at the end who are always so pleased that they took part in it.

The Detox costs £25 which is a complete bargain for the information and guidance that you receive.

The comment we receive the most is from people saying that they cannot believe the amount of information they received and what they have learned about nutrition throughout the 12 days. The information varies but you can expect to find out – How much water to drink and why, how much salt and sugar we should consume, which vitamins help with weight loss, the benefits of herbal teas, which yoghurts are best to eat, why eat organic, how hormones affect your weight, why avoid processed foods, why eat in season…..and much much more!

Call or email Jo to book a place on the next Detox


Jo takes a group of people on her Detox approx. every 10-12 weeks. You can read some genuine testimonials from our clients below

“Hi Jo,

My energy levels have improved massively and I’m not even craving anything bad, which is unbelievable!!  I’ve decided to keep going until next weekend too.

 Weaning myself off caffeine and drinking loads of water was a big one for me and now i’m off it,  its staying that way!  The quinoa and puy lentils I love too, definitely a great replacement for all the rice and pasta I was used to having. I have loved reading your daily emails – I’ve learned so much. Big thanks for this detox Jo!! You have converted me and I will be raving to everyone to give it a go!”

“Jo, I can’t fault your programme or you! You have given so so much information and I can’t believe how much you know. I honestly feel like a different person. Thank you”

“Absolute star! I love my new lifestyle! I had no wine this w’end and only the odd sweet treat so i’m very aware of bad food now. Thanks again  ”

 ”I just wanted to say thank you.  The detox has been fantastic and so has all the info.  I have lost over 8lbs and feel soooo motivated to continue.  I’ve definitely got the feel good factor! You are inspirational, thank you!”

“After just 2 days I felt less bloated and alot slimmer . I lost 8lb doing the detox and I think a lot more about what I am eating”

“Having heard of friends’ fab results from doing your Detox, I signed myself up. After first week of detox my weight loss took me below 10stone – first time in a LONG while! Total weight loss on detox = 6.8lbs

I’m over the moon with this – thank you so much for your daily support and encouragement in achieving this. My Overall shrinkage = 18.5cm!!!

Aside from the above, I feel I am sleeping slightly better and definitely waking up with more energy to start the day. I also feel calmer within myself and this has enabled me to get a clearer perspective on some ‘life’ stuff! So, in a nutshell, it’s all good news and the task of maintaining some changes starts now…Thank you again for your positive reinforcements each day and providing me with a kick-start to making important lifestyle changes. (At this point, feel I would give you a ‘thank you’ hug if here in person)Bye for now and good luck with your business ventures”

” I Can’t believe the week is over already. I’m gutted as I’ve really enjoyed this detox. I haven’t struggled at all with this one and definitely won’t be going back to my old ways. It’s amazing how great you can feel and eat loads of all nice stuff. I’m really pleased with my results. I’ve lost 9 inches mostly off my waist and chest!! I’ll miss your daily email xxx”

“When I received the initial email from Jo stating that you would get fast results from the detox, I thought why not give it a go, it might give me the motivation that I need. I went into the detox fairly open minded and thought, if it doesn’t work, I haven’t wasted too much money.  As the preparation emails came through I actually became quite excited to start, not sure why as a lot of people had said, that I would get moody and have terrible headaches from cutting out caffeine etc from my diet. Day 1 came and went fairly easy, then I woke up on day 2 with a really bad headache, I then thought, if this is what the next 11 days are going to be like it will be hell, that was actually the only day I had a headache and the moods never came, from that day I loved it, every day I woke up feeling better than I had the day before, and within 5 days I actually started to feel slimmer,  I am generally a bad sleeper, I was sleeping for longer periods through the night and actually feeling refreshed in the morning and full of energy.The daily emails you receive are both motivating and informative, Jo explains why you can’t have certain food and also educates you generally about food, its nutritional value and the importance of eating fresh and not processed,  I lost a staggering 15lb and 7 inches in the 12 days I was on the detox, although I have finished the 12 day program now, I have taken so much from the information that Jo provided that I am now making healthier choices and the weight is still coming off.  It was definitely the motivation I needed,  It was a brilliant experience for me, I can’t thank Jo enough, and I would recommend anyone to give it a go.”

“Hi Jo, I Can’t believe it’s the last day already.. got to say it has flown by. I fully anticipated that I’d get to this point and feel so relieved that it’s over but not at all. Rather I see this detox as the start of positive changes to my diet. I am really grateful for all your advice and support over the last 2 weeks”

“Hi Jo, I’ve really enjoyed the detox and I’m going to continue to keep off tea and coffee and drink 2 litres of water each day, I’m going to avoid bread, cakes pastry and sweets as much as possible."

"Thank you so much for this I’ve learnt so much about nutrition.  I would really value your continued support with my weight loss if you can sign me up for more nutritional advice and exercise, it’s so much better than any other weight loss programme I’ve tried to follow and I’m full of energy and no longer feel sluggish and lethargic”

“Hi Jo, Thanks so much for doing this for us. Its obviously takes alot of work doing this every day and being on call for everyone who has questions. I am happy with the results and I am planning on drinking coffee still but def not more than 2 cups a day after reading the harmful affects of it. Also I am really planning to continue to eat mostly whole foods in my diet and much less processed food.  And even  more importantly I plan to feed the boys this way as well.  I also will drink more caffeine free teas as a substitute for coffee. I absolutely loved the yoghurt and almonds so will eat that alot for breakfast and my hubby was very impressed with that as well.  I think its been a success and I hope to keep my weight where it is or slightly less more importantly i need to just eat healthy and exercise. Thanks so much for this.  I have learned alot from you, You have really brought so much into my life, with all the Fitness and Detox, I am a much healthier and happier person. Thanks jo. xx”

Jo Bond, Decote Fitness 2016

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